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Building on the bestselling first edition, Soils and Environmental Quality, Second Edition presents an overview of basic soil science, hydrology, and the classification of pollutants. This completely revised and updated reference provides detailed discussions of the roles of soils and humans in the biogeochemical cycling of soil contaminants and substances of environmental concern. The authors examine nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur, trace elements, organic chemicals, greenhouse gases, and acid precipitation in depth, and emphasize the interactions of these potential pollutants with the soil, aquatic, and atmospheric environments.New in the Second Edition:-Case studies - environmental quality issues/events boxes that cover real-life situations in which the problem is presented along with possible causes and solutions- Problem sets - each chapter contains problem sets that enhance student problem-solving skills as they apply the chapter concepts- Separate discussion of hydrologic cycle - additional definitions, example calculations, and a more detailed description of precipitation- Expanded discussion of the atmosphere - information on characterizing parameters such as wind direction and velocity, temperature, and relative humidity- Reorganization - soil and atmosphere addressed in a separate chapter and a new chapter devoted to remediation of contaminated soils and groundwater



ISBN 9780849300226
AUTEUR J-Thomas Sims
FICHIER Soils and Environmental Quality.pdf
DATE 06/05/2020

Soils and Environmental Quality Mike Singer Professor Emeritus, UC Davis. ARB. September 15, 2010. Short Outline • What do soils do for us? • Soils and environmental quality. • What are soils? • What is a “California soil”? • What is soil quality? • Conclusions. What do soils do for us? • Grow food, fiber, biofuel (maybe) • Substrate for waste disposal • Filters water


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