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Michel Foucaults Archeology of Scientific Reason PDF

This book is an important introduction to and critical interpretation of the work of the major French thinker Michel Foucault. Through comprehensive and detailed analyses of such important texts as The History of Madness in the Age of Reason, The Birth of the Clinic, The Order of Things, and The Archaeology of Knowledge, Professor Gutting provides a lucid exposition of Foucaults archaeological approach to the history of thought - a method for uncovering the unconscious structures that set boundaries on the thinking of a given epoch. The book also casts Foucault in a new light, relating his work to two major but neglected influences : Gaston Bachelards philosophy of science and Georges Canguilhems history of science. This perspective yields a new and valuable understanding of Foucault as a historian and philosopher of science, balancing and complementing the more common view that he was primarily a social critic and theorist. An excellent guide for those first approaching Foucaults work, the book will also be a challenging interpretation and evaluation for those already familiar with his writings.



ISBN 9780521366984
AUTEUR Gary Gutting
FICHIER Michel Foucaults Archeology of Scientific Reason.pdf
DATE 08/06/2020

Michel Foucault: Power, subjectivity and education … While his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps, Paul-Michel Foucault’s ‘passion was for history and literature; he could not stand the idea of studying medicine’ (Eribon 1991). Neither did he like the name Paul-Michel. Paul was his father’s name – and he seems to have hated him as an adolescent (Eribon 1991: 5). He also found Poitiers ‘stifling’. Foucault had been a


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