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Inorganic Chemistry - From Periodic Classification to Crystals PDF

This work presents crystalline solids in an original way, based firstly on their classification through the characteristics of atoms and ions (electronegativity, ionization potential, etc.). The bases of the crystallography are then proposed from observations and empirical analyses of the structure of metals. Numerous original 3D illustrations with real dimensions allow visualization of these stacks. Four types of binary diagrams are detailed and the structure of the solid in each zone is proposed. This book proposes the study of classic criteria (radius, coordination, ionicity, etc.) as well as more original analyses (steric criterion, spatial availability, formula stoichiometry, etc.) of binary crystals of type MX, MX2, M2X3 and MX3 (250 binaries) and of ternary crystals of type ABO3 or AB204 (50 ternaries). The classical model of hard spheres is perfectly adapted but in some cases requires the calculation of a modified spatial availability to understand the different types of bonds in the solids.



ISBN 9781786302540
AUTEUR Robert Valls
FICHIER Inorganic Chemistry - From Periodic Classification to Crystals.pdf
DATE 05/04/2020

Inorganic Chemistry : From Periodic Classification to Crystals. Using classification, diagrams and crystallography elements, we describe in this book the bonds in the crystals using the basic patterns.


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