ANDREW GLASSNERS NOTEBOOK. Recreational Computer Graphics.pdf

ANDREW GLASSNERS NOTEBOOK. Recreational Computer Graphics PDF

Let Andrew Glassner open your eyes to the limitless possibilities of computer graphics. In this book, a compilation of his columns from IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications, Andrew shares his uniqueinsights to understanding the geometry, patterns, and relationships of the visual world. Whether you are a professional or hobbyist, Andrew Glassners Notebookwill inspire you to think of new ways to enjoy and extend computer graphics.With his infectious curiosity and engaging writing style, Andrew takes on a variety of topics, including frieze, groups, moiré patterns, mirror reflection, ans aperiodic tiling. He demonstrates the value ofcreating physical models - for example, using origami to build the Platonic solids -to stretch your visualization skills and thus your, of the subject matter. For this book, he has fully updated the original columns, expanding many of them with new material and additional color illustrations.Features.* Fresh insights into traditional graphics techniques mix with applications as diverse as electronic displaysand carboard boxes.* Rich color and design enhance the hundreds of illustrations and examples.* Math takes a supporting role - skip over it and follow still the development of the topics.• New material, updates, corrections, and clarifications enrich the original columns.



ISBN 9781558605985
AUTEUR Andrew-S Glassner
FICHIER ANDREW GLASSNERS NOTEBOOK. Recreational Computer Graphics.pdf
DATE 09/06/2020

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