Viruses and Virus diseases of Poaceace (Gramineae).pdf

Viruses and Virus diseases of Poaceace (Gramineae) PDF

The Poaceae are one of the most important plant families in terms of the number of species, worldwide distribution, ecosystems and as ingredients of human and animal food. It is not surprising that they support many parasites including more than 100 severely pathogenic virus species, of which new ones are being regularly described. This book results from the contributions of 150 well-known specialists and presents for the first time an in-depth look at all the viruses (including the retrotransposons) infesting one plant family. Taxonomic and agronomic descriptions of the Poaceae are presented, followed by data on molecular and biological characteristics of the viruses and descriptions up to species level. Virus diseases of field grasses (barley, maize, rice, rye, sorghum, sugarcane, triticale and wheats), forage, ornamental, aromatic, wild and lawn Gramineae are largely described and illustrated (32 colour plates). A detailed index of viruses and taxonomic lists will help readers in their search for information. Foreworded by Marc Van Regenmortel, this book is essential for anyone with an interest in plant pathology especially plant virology, entomology, breeding and forecasting. Agronomists will also find this book invaluable.



ISBN 9782738010889
AUTEUR Hervé Lapierre
FICHIER Viruses and Virus diseases of Poaceace (Gramineae).pdf
DATE 07/03/2020

The different viruses that cause barley yellow dwarf disease (BYD) were originally ... Barley yellow dwarf luteoviruses are restricted to the Poaceae ( Gramineae).


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